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Infinity Solder Integration - 0.1.2

Changelog for version 0.1.2 - 13.04.2017

Hey Infinity Community! We've got some awesome news and changes for you and are excited to announce that the Infinity Pack is now 100% Technic Solder Enabled!!

Starting TODAY you can now update the Infinity Pack directly via the Technic Launcher!

  • What does this mean for me?
    This now allows you to easily update the Infinity Pack directly from the Launcher, switch between versions and best of all always be able to play the Infinity Pack without the troubles of finding the correct versions!

  • Will anything else change?
    This update is mainly backend - all you need to do is update the Infinity Pack in the Technic Launcher and you're good to go!

And as always, have fun and let us know what you think over on Discord.

Infinity Update 0.1.1

Changelog for version 0.1.1 - 10.04.2017

Happy Monday! Infinity has been updated to version 0.1.1 with lots of feedback we have added many improvements and mods. Check out our changelogs below to see what's new!

  • + Mystcraft
  • + Ex-Nihilo
  • + Computercraft
  • + Decocraft
  • + Thaumcraft
  • + ThermalDynamics
  • + Inventory Pets
  • - Optifine

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