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  1. How do I install the Infinity Pack?

    To install the Infinity Pack please download the latest version of the Technic Launcher. To install the Infinity Beta Pack to your Launcher follow these simple steps below.

    1. Download the Technic Launcher here:  Windows -  Mac -  Linux
    2. Open the Launcer and Sign In to your Minecraft account with your credentials.
    3. Click on the 'Modpacks' tab and type in the Modpack Name 'Infinity Beta' or paste the following code into the search box:
    4. Optional: If you have a beefy GPU you can install this recommended shader pack
  2. I'm having performance issues - what can I do?

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing performance issues. Here are some possible solutions to solve this problem and get your performance again nice and smooth!

    1. Check if you have the latest version of Java 64-Bit Installed - You can do this by going into your launcher, selecting Launcher Options and going to the Java tab. If you have the option only for 32-Bit follow the following instructions.
    2. Download 64-Bit java for your operating system from here: Java Download. Make sure that the installer is called "Java 64-Bit (Offline)".
    3. Follow the Installation and restart your computer after installation.
    4. Open the Technic Launcher and go back to the Modpack settings. Now you can select Java (64 Bit) in the Java settings.
    5. Check if this solved the problem

    My game is still running slow - what else is there I can do to make it run better?

    1. No worries! You might still have your RAM set to 1GB, which is too low to run the Infinity Pack. Proceed with these Instructions.
    2. Open the Technic Launcher and navigate to Modpack Settings
    3. Click on the Java Settings tab and choose the Ram dropdown
    4. Set the Ram to minimum 2GB - 4GB the more the better, depending on your system.

    Still encountering FPS drops or performance issues? Try this!

    There is currently a bug with a mod called Farseek which is an API used by the Streams Mod. Some people can play with it without any problem and some can't.
    If the tips above didn't help you, try to download this version of the Farseek mod from Forge here, and replace it in your mods folder with the Farseek-1.0.11 version.
    If you still can't play without lags you can also try to remove the Farseek and Streams Mod completely by removing the Farseek and Streams .jar files from your mods folder.

    I'm getting an error that a Matmos pack is missing?

    The MAtmos error happens, when no Matmos Soundpack/Resource pack is installed. You will need to download this Resource pack and add it to your game, if you would like to play with the Matmos Sound effects. If not, you can safely ignore this error.

    Matmos Soundpack Download

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